Forget Phylicia Rashad!


Forget these woman. At least that’s what Phylicia Rashad said in an exclusive interview with Roger Friedman. First Rashad claimed she was not interested in getting involved in a public debate but not before blasting rape allegations as an orchestrated campaign designed to attack Bill Cosby’s legacy. Rashad is not sure who or why, but she is sure that someone wants to destroy a legacy she feels is very important to black culture. Rashad later claimed her quotes were taking out of context, something Friedman quickly backed up though, forgive me, but I’m puzzled about this conspiracy.

Well, Phylicia. The stand up comic who brought these allegations to light, after years of these women getting nowhere in the press or in the justice system, was an African American male who was tired of Cosby’s holier than thou lectures. He had called Cosby a rapist in his act for months before it was posted and went viral. As of this writing, Cosby, with his powerhouse legal team, has not sued Hannibal Buress.

Seth Rogen spoke with Bill Maher about hearing rumors for years and not being surprised. Then there is the former NBC employee claiming in the  Daily News  that he paid women off on behalf of Cosby. This took place during “The Cosby Show” years, and he provided proof in the form of money orders, some matching names recently in the news. I guess Phylicia missed this. Cosby and his indiscretions, whether rape or not, seem to have been one of Hollywood’s most open secrets. Surely, Phylicia, you have heard murmuring.

Finally, Phylicia, I’m curious when this orchestrated plot began. Was it ten years ago when Andrea Constand attempted to press charges against Bill Cosby for rape? Was it when Bill Cosby offered her a settlement after at least nine other women came forward with similar stories? That was ten years ago, Phylicia, and nobody would take them seriously. Or was it when The National Enquirer agreed to not go forward with a story in exchange for Bill Cosby giving them an interview? When you said, “forget these women,” you weren’t kidding.

So this plot has been in the works for ten years, the alleged victims all just biding their time till the day a stand-up comic decided to call Cosby a rapist, because apparently his word carries more weight than that of several women who did not know each other yet all had similar stories, and were willing to testify against him at  trial that had no financial benefit for them? Please, Phylicia, are you sure this was an orchestrated plot against Cosby or does it sound more as if you weren’t the first one to say, “forget these women,”  something  Barbara Bowman  also wondered.

Now to be fair, when Phylicia said, “forget those women,” she now makes the case that she was merely speaking about the plot to take down poor poor Bill, and not dismissing or diminishing these women. She had said that maybe poor poor Bill is probably remaining silent because he’s embarrassed. He’s so embarrassed that he joked about the allegations during his stand-up routine in Canada. Poor guy. He’s really having a tough time.

She also brought up his wife Camille, saying Camille is a strong woman who would never look the other way. I hate to dredge up ancient history. Ok, maybe I don’t hate it, but Phylicia must have read the news about Autumn Jackson. By the way, Autumn’s mother was one of the women that NBC guy claimed to have been giving hush money to. Anyway, Phylicia, sometimes the wife’s the last to know. Sometimes the wife doesn’t want to know. But we do know that Bill Cosby, while lecturing black women across America about finding better fathers for their kids, was supporting one child financially despite being absent from her life. Was he supporting her because he didn’t believe she was his? Was he just being a great philanthropist?

It’s nice Phylicia wants to support a friend, if he’s even a friend, but she should be considering a different legacy. She should be considering the legacy of all of the victims of sexual assault over the years and the long difficult fight to change laws and erase stigmas. She should consider all that she must know about victims and why many don’t come forward, especially when the accused is in a position of power. Please, Phylicia  go visit rape counselors or a hotline before ever saying again, “forget these women,” no matter how you meant it, because hard as I try, I cannot find any way to interpret those words in a way that supports women, or supports victims.

I know it sucks that they’re pulling “The Cosby Show” and that hurts your financial bottom line, but come up with a better explanation for this than an orchestrated plot intended to destroy a legacy.  And finally, Phylicia, before you say, “forget these women, ” consider the possibility that the legacy you are trying so hard to protect just may include drugging and raping women. Or maybe it’s time we just say, “Forget Phylicia Rashad.”



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