Britt McHenry’s Mean Girl Moment – The One Caught on Video


Stop the presses! ESPN’s Britt McHenry said some really mean shiz to a tow-truck company employee. Like really mean. Despite all of the talk that she was very upset, she actually seemed pretty calm and almost completely at ease as the insults rolled off her tongue. It was almost like it wasn’t a new thing to her. The only thing she forgot was to say, “oh snap,” before walking away.

Maybe some investigative reporter will do a little digging and discover that she also doesn’t tip her mailman at Christmas or something like that.

McHenry had the good fortune of getting caught on video, a video that went viral which then meant, of course, that ESPN had to suspend her for a week. She gave the requisite apology on Twitter but since there seems to be no other news going on, she’s going to have to work harder to be forgiven and allowed to cover sports again.

USA Today’s Chris Chase thinks a week wasn’t good enough. The Obesity Action Coalition (I wasn’t even aware there was a coalition) also wants their pound of flesh. (Too soon?) But come on. When is it enough?

I won’t defend McHenry’s rant. It was mean and she’s stupid to think that in this age of cell phone cameras that her nasty behavior wouldn’t catch up with her. Even more stupid considering she was warned by the employee that she was being videotaped. But since when is being an asshole a crime? Last I checked it wasn’t.

The most amusing part of this has been all of the mean comments I’ve been seeing on social media from those outraged that McHenry wasn’t all sugar and spice . You want to see mean? Go troll the comment section of any online news article. After that go read some Facebook threads. Talk about your mean bitches! I don’t see any coalition going after them nor do I see any of them getting suspended from their jobs.

Of course some of the comments allude to her being pretty which means that she can’t possibly have a brain in her head. Others suggest she got where she is thanks to sexual favors and it will take more favors to get her out of this. Well, she deserves it because, you know, she threw out the “don’t you know I’m on TV” thing while also commenting on someone’s teeth, or lack of teeth. Girl had it coming, no?

And no. I’m not defending her, but I think we’ve become a world gone crazy. She insulted someone and ESPN needs to make an example of her? Maybe she should have done it in an elevator because then the world is your oyster.

She’s getting a pretty good whooping in the press, more of a whooping than a lot of non-celebrities get when being rude to people serving the public. If you’re all hot to see her punished please apply that to the rest of the world. The next time you see some lady lose it on the cashier at the drive-thru because they screwed up her little darling’s kid’s meal, please follow her home and ask her where she works so you can call her boss and report her. Or maybe ask some waiter for all of the names of people who were impossible to please and then left terrible tips so you can track down their bosses for a conversation about what kind of customers they make along with suggestions for how you think their employment situation should be handled.

Meanwhile McHenry will continue her apology tour, maybe end up spoofing herself on SNL so that America will let her read sports again, and then we’ll all forget because some celebrity will be caught cheating or leave the house without makeup.


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