Mike Huckabee Blames Media Not Josh Duggar


Is Mike Huckabee kidding? He blasted the media for reporting Josh Duggar’s sexual molestation charges, charges that Duggar admits are true. Duggar is a God-fearing Christian so let’s not blame him. Let’s blame the media.

Now I’m not going to blame good old Huck if he wants to support the Duggar family, his longtime friends. Friends should remain loyal and supportive of one another through bad times, but child molestation is a very different animal, and a man who wants to be President of the United States should consider the victims before he blasts and blames the press.

The Duggar family was in Chicago taping an interview for the Oprah Show back in 2006.  They were ready to share their love and their love of God with America before some pesky victim reportedly sent an email to one of Oprah’s staffers with claims about Josh’s abuse and also claiming that his parents covered it up. Oprah’s staff contacted the authorities and canceled the interview. The soon to be destroyed police reports show more than one instance of forcible fondling of victims by Josh.

Mike Huckabee wants to chalk that up to teenage indiscretion  saying, “that being a minor means that one’s judgment is not mature.” Really Mike? That’s what we’re calling sexual abuse these days? Or only if the abuser is your friend and a Christian?

Let’s also not forget that Josh Duggar, until he stepped down, lobbied for the Family Research Council, a group that lobbies for policies that support Christian values. Forget the separation of church and state and start talking about the hypocrisy. Or is it not hypocrisy when you speak to your God and believe that He automatically forgives you for speaking to Him?

Some on Huck’s Facebook page are echoing his ridiculous charge of persecution and writing brilliant comments like, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”

Um, isn’t condemning homosexuality, as FRC seems to do, casting stones, or is it picking and choosing which parts of the Bible work for your cause? Fight gay marriage because that’s perverted, brand an entire community, make claims that homosexuals are the same as pedophiles, but forgive Josh Duggar because he and his family sought God? Really?

I happen to be a Christian and I am tired of so-called Christian groups lobbying to push forth agendas they claim are about God. Who’s God? And when did He tell you to give Josh Duggar a pass?

Josh Duggar is hardly being persecuted by the media. If anything, the fact that this story should have been reported ten years ago says Josh Duggar should be thanking more than God. He should be thanking TLC, who had to have known, for letting him get rich and spread his messages through the family reality show 19 and Counting.

Mike Huckabee can love Josh Duggar and support him but he should remember that Josh Duggar is not the victim. The girls he molested were victims. Mike Huckabee is letting the glare of the Duggar’s limelight blind him from seeing that.


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