The Type of People Supporting President-Elect Trump

The world has gone crazy. Donald Trump will be our next president and, for some, well, for many, all of the reasons he won have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton being a terrible candidate. Actually, it seems that even in losing, Hillary can do no wrong, at least as far as her supporters are concerned. Why take an honest look at her and the many reasons she lost when you can instead say outrageous and inflammatory things about Donald Trump and his supporters.

Robert DeNiro took time out of making his 13th sequel to Meet the Fockers and compared the loss to 9/11. Miley Cyrus tweeted a pathetic crying jag. Lady Gaga ran straight to Trump Tower for a photo-op. Her latest single isn’t doing well, so what’s a girl to do besides stand on a dump truck in front of Trump Tower. It is unclear as to whether or not Madonna is  too busy performing oral sex  on Hillary supporters to make a statement. Then there’s Beyonce and Jay Z. Are they going to take back the free tickets they gave to those promising to vote for Hillary?

But let’s forget the celebrity world that was sure they had America’s ear and could sway America’s votes. Let’s talk about the regular Joe going on social media declaring Trump supporters to be racists and misogynists. I mean that has to be it because it can’t be that Hillary Clinton alienated voters. It must be that everyone who could not, in clear conscience, support her has a white hood hidden in the back of their closet.

I’m tired of the Holocaust and 9/11 comparisons. I love a vigorous debate, but not when they are stupid, and comparing how you feel with the real victims, you know, the people lined up and shot by the Nazis or forced into ovens to be gassed to death, well, it is probably the most offensive comparison you could make. 

Hillary Clinton losing is not the same as the Holocaust. If you are one of the idiots saying that, please stop.

It also is not the same as 9/11. I was married to a first responder. He and many  of  his coworkers went  in daily to sort through ash desperate to find survivors. When they realized there were none they continued to sort so that families could lay loved ones to rest. It was awful.

For weeks we  attended wakes of other first responders. A childhood friend was killed that day. It took weeks, if not months, for his family to get his remains. I remember just how many other friends lost loved ones, firefighters and police officers who ran into falling buildings hoping to save lives while losing their own. 

So stop comparing Hillary Clinton losing with the selfless sacrifice made by our men and women in the NYPD and FDNY. There is no comparison. It is offensive to all of the lives lost and to the families that are still trying to pick up the pieces 15 years later.

Let’s also stop declaring those who voted for Trump racist misogynists. Race issues have been a problem in this country long before Donald Trump so why not address the issues and stop making him the scapegoat. Also while crying about the lack of diversity did anyone pay attention to Hillary’s diverse choice in a running mate. Oh wait! She picked a white guy.

I am not a racist. I am not a homophobe. I am not a misogynist or any of the other phobe or ists that seem to be getting thrown out there.

I’m a single mother who has made a lot of mistakes in my life but those mistakes never included anything discriminatory. I’m a single mom who works two jobs to make ends meet and cannot afford health insurance through my job because the premiums and copays are too high. I am a single mother who didn’t believe that Hillary Clinton would best represent me as president, and it is not because she is a woman. I would have loved to see a woman get there, just not her. That doesn’t make me evil or any of the other things I keep reading about the “type of person” I must be.

Other than my children there is nobody I owe an explanation to about the type of person that I am. I can only hope that the people who know me know what is in my heart. If you want to reduce who I am to one vote in one election then I think that is more a reflection of you than it is of me. Instead of casting stones and making awful and offensive comparisons to real tragedies, why not look at what it was that turned so many off to Hillary Clinton. I promise you that there’s plenty there.

 And give Donald Trump a chance. He’s either going to prove you wrong or he’s going to prove you right. I would hope that you’re rooting for him to prove you wrong because, in the end, he will be your president and you can be a part of uniting this country or dividing it. The choice is yours.






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