The Rob and Blac Chyna Trainwreck

The Rob and Chyna show is like the gift that keeps on giving. No, not their actual show on E! where they highlighted all of the reasons that you should take a little time to get to know a person before having a kid with them or even get to know them before you know to run in the opposite direction.


No, the Rob and Chyna show that plays out on social media and in the tabloids is sort of like a bad case of mrsa. Just when you think you have stopped the infection, you discover it has spread and will cost a limb. Only in this case it looks like it’s going to cost Rob a pretty penny. Good for him.


With the exception of Rob, I love the Kardashians. I love any family that can build themselves into a billion dollar enterprise by doing nothing. In fairness, I think they all work very hard doing nothing.


Then along comes Rob and his socks designs. Are those socks really even a thing? He must feel a lot of pressure being surrounded by sisters who turn everything they touch into gold. Even Kylie managed to turn controversy over lip fillers into a booming business.


Poor Rob. We never really knew his issue when he bolted from Kim’s wedding. We never knew why he went into hiding. What we did know was that he went off on a tirade about an ex and publicly accused her of having sex with multiple men. Oh, no, not Blac Chyna. Way before her.


So he comes out of his self-imposed exile after running into his sister’s boyfriend’s ex (supposedly in secret while living at Khloe’s house! Did I tell you that this is great stuff?!) and after a whirlwind romance which included driving 107 mph to go bail his new love out of jail in Texas, he gets her pregnant, proposes marriage to her, and more importantly, he gifts her with her very own Kardashian brand reality show where we got to see fun things like them fight, and them fight, and them fight some more. We also got to see her tie him up or handcuff him or something while she cracked a whip. Oh boy talk about foreshadowing.


Nobody seemed surprised when they broke up. Or when they broke up again. Or again and again. Really, who can keep up? The only real worry was whether or not his sisters were going to be able to block her from calling herself Kardashian complete with a trademark.

Whew, that was nerve wracking thinking of all of the damage she could do to their brand if she was allowed to go by Kardashian. I mean let her have a kid with him, but leave the name out of it!


Speaking of damage, I wonder how the family feels about Rob’s latest slut shaming tirade. Will he have to give his name back? I don’t feel very sorry for Blac Chyna. No, not because I think anyone deserves to be slut shamed, but because she gave as good as she got.


When you rush into impregnation with a man who has previously slut shamed an ex, you should have a reasonable expectation that the same will happen to you. Still, people make poor relationship choices. You live. You learn.


Blac Chyna is now doing her media tour expressing how hurt she is after this latest betrayal. She was so hurt that she was posting her own naked selfies wearing jewelry with a new man in Rob’s bed. Yeah, Rob let us know it was his bed and, damn, even his robe. Oh, the horror.


Rob’s lawyer, infamous for getting OJ off for double murder, is expected to appear in court promising that Rob will voluntarily stop slut shaming, after he was kicked off of one social media site and his posts removed from another. Maybe he’s sincere?


I guess the moral of this story is if you’re going to have bad taste in romantic partners have the smarts to make sure a payday will be involved because really, isn’t that what’s important?







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