COVID and the Single Girl,I mean Woman

My kids have recently reminded me of my single status. It is a status that I have been very comfortable with. I mean, I haven’t been a nun, but, I haven’t really been out looking. And then my daughter decided that I should try online dating.

Please spare me the “I met the love of my life on Match” stories. I’m sure it has happened. It is just not my thing.

Still, I tried it. For less than a week.

I was asked to be part of a throuple, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but, yeah, thank you, no.

There was a man who was annoyed he had been kicked off of Tinder. He didn’t elaborate. Thankfully.

Nothing else stuck.

My friend decided that I should stick with it, but I had already closed my account.

Meeting people has never been an issue. I say that as someone who has been single for over ten years. Sure, it has been happily single, but maybe I’m reaching that point where I’m thinking it would be nice to not be single. Not in a desperate way. And, definitely not in a settling kind of way.

But COVID. It has added a new dimension. So where a responsible adult once asked a potential “partner” to be tested, now are you supposed to ask a potential date to provide a COVID test result?

I have been happily single for a long time. The quarantine hasn’t made me question it as much as it made me take stock. My kids wanting to put me “out there” has sort of been a wake-up call.

Maybe it’s time. Maybe I’m finally ready. So how do I do it in COVID? Hmmm.

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